Bri holds an invaluable place on the design team as our most recent intern. She is currently a senior at Millersville University where she majors in art with a concentration in graphic and interactive design. She was recently selected to present at the 2014 National Conference for Undergraduate Research held at the University of Kentucky, where she will be speaking on essential collaboration between web designers and developers in professional settings. Bri makes it a goal to always learn something new. Her current career goal is to find an agency as engaging as Inovāt where she can work in interactive design and front-end development. In her free time, She enjoys knitting, “stress baking”, and snuggling up on the couch with her two guinea pigs, Chip & Dale, to binge-watch episodes of How I Met Your Mother. To learn more about Bri and to view her personal design work, visit

Bri Piccari
Never Stop Learning

I've come to realize design is just one of those fields in which you can never stop learning. If you do, you'll easily get left in the dust wondering why on earth you'd want to design anything mobile-first.