Doug is the President and co-founder of Inovāt, which he started in 2002 right out of high school. He has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and had his first business cards made when he was only 14 years old. His writings on design and digital marketing have been published in both books and magazine publications. He has also previously served as the president of the AIGA Central PA chapter.

Doug has a son, Riley, with whom he shares both a genetic disposition for dimples and a tub of super-hold hair gel. In the office, car, and at home, he listens to almost all music genres, from opera to EDM, although he claims he cannot tolerate country music. He does his best to balance his love of dark craft beer with a mild obsession with the gym.

To learn more about Doug, visit his LinkedIn profile.

Doug Logan
3 Tips to Stop Ad Blockers from Screwing up Your Website Analytics

It seems every day I’m seeing an article or rant about how ad blockers are dooming the advertising industry. Let me be perfectly clear: this isn’t one of those articles.

So what is this article about? Well ad blockers, for sure. But less about their original intended purpose (blocking annoying ads...

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