Josiah is an indispensable member of the Inovāt team, both as a front-end developer and as the captain of the office morale squad. After graduating with a BA in Business Information Systems from Messiah College, Josiah spent the next three years working to produce the best, most consistent front-end experience for users, regardless of their browser or device. He is always trying new technologies to find the best fit on a project-by-project basis.

In between Philadelphia Eagles games, Josiah works with his church’s youth group as a youth leader. He also regularly talks Leeann into going for a run through Elizabethtown on their lunch breaks regardless of the outside temperature. When he isn’t running outside or tirelessly coding, he can usually be found singing falsetto to any and all lady pop singers’ greatest hits.

Josiah Heigel
BEMuddling CSS

As any front-end developer knows, continually starting projects from scratch can be superbly mundane.