Joshua leads design efforts for Inovat and brings 10 years of experience to the team. Whether it's diagraming user flows, wireframing interactions or developing aesthetics he seeks to bring beauty and simplicity to his work. Over his career he's worked in direct mail, e-commerce, publishing and has settled in on design for web with a focus on user experience and interface design. Also a musician, Joshua fiddles around in a garage band, though he forsook the ponytail he once rocked with such gusto. When he isn’t serving as AIGA Central PA president, you might find him watching impossibly geeky videos on YouTube, taking photos of his two cats or rocking a V-neck shirt.
Joshua Buckwalter
Process: Creative

This is the third of a five-part series that will take you through a detailed look into how our process works.

Material Design: The Shape of UI to Come

Last week at Google IO we got a peek at Android L, and with it a glimpse into the new visual design language being rolled out for it dubbed “Material Design”. With it comes a maturity in approach to interaction design that had been lacking from the big mobile OS players to date.

Do bad designs convert better than good designs?

We were recently asked whether bad designs convert better than good ones. What this question is really asking is whether an ugly page can convert better than an attractive page. The answer to this is yes; however, the real issues is more nuanced.

Photoshop is a hack

Photoshop is like the Swiss Army Knife of the design profession. Should it be? Perhaps this tool isn't as sharp as it used to be. We explore alternatives.