Leeann is an integral member of the tight-knit design team here at Inovāt. She strives to create the simplest experiences for potentially complex processes. She believes that subtlety in design is an art form; in her world, less is more. Leeann earned her BFA in Design from Kutztown University where she was a member of the Division II, NCAA Lacrosse team. In her heart of hearts she truly believes the following things: dogs are better than humans (her boxer, Casper, most especially), and that she can throw a football better than 95% of the male population at Inovāt (a fact as of yet unverified). She has a healthy love of the outdoors, and a somewhat more unhealthy love for HGTV’s Property Brothers. To learn more about Leeann and view her personal design work, visit LeeannPica.com

Leeann Pica
10 Google Web Fonts That Aren’t Lame

Generally, if the font is right for the project, there is nothing wrong with using a free GWF. So, how do you know if the font is right? There are a few things to consider...

This Week In Web - 4.4.14

This week – April Fools, Ode to the Sony Walkman, and, surprise – Zuckerberg’s rich.

Art: A Repeatable Pattern

Parking my butt in front of a computer screen forty hours a week (at least) for the past few years has completely desensitized my appreciation for art. There, I said it.