Miki leads the charge for digital marketing at Inovāt and has been mining through marketing data in an agency setting since 2007. From Google Adwords and Bing, to social media and search engine optimization, she works side-by-side with design and development teams to streamline websites, advertising pieces, and brand messaging to optimize performance in digital settings. She received her Associates in Graphic Design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, and her Bachelor’s in Business Marketing from California Coast University. In her spare time Miki runs a custom quilting business and is an active member in the Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild. She lives in Lancaster, PA with her husband, Dan, and their two schnauzers, Becker and Augie, who are regular additions to the Inovāt office dynamic.

Miki Pacifico
Process: Measure

This is the last segment of a five-part series that will take you through a detailed look into how our process works.

This Week In Web - 11.21.14

In the words of a great man (Jeff Goldblum), your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should.

This Week In Web - 9.26.14

This week - Polaroid takes on GoPro, Hotels actually take your complaints seriously, and tools for human-centered design.

This Week in Web - 8.29.14

This week - Amazon to push advertising, Twitter Analytics for all, and a Hershey’s rebrand.

This Week In Web - 8.22.14

This week – Twitter snuff film, invisible children, and genius shower thoughts.

This Week In Web - 8.01.14

This week - OkCupid stealth-mode, Homophones, and what really happened with Healthcare.gov

This Week In Web - 7.18.14

This week - The world’s cutest robot, affordable Tesla, and Comcast is (still) the worst.

This Week In Web - 07.11.14

This week - $44K potato salad, indie label music streaming, and the glorious return of Homestar.

This Week In Web - 6.6.14

This week - web of the future, marketing to the childless, and text message breakups.

This Week In Web - 5.23.14

This week - Facebook wants to know even more, BMW sells via social, and the UK includes coding in core curriculum.

This Week In Web - 5.9.14

This week - Viral emotions, the Netflix of books, and a type face that teaches.

This Week In Web - 5.2.14

This week - Internet companies defy the NSA, Adwords upholds their own policies, and celebrity endorsements are meaningless.

This Week In Web – 4.11.14

This week – Windows XP gets the chopping block, new apps to stalk or be stalked, and super puppy cuteness.

This Week In Web - 3.21.14

This week - Mobile outpaces TV, Google pulls its SERPs out of the 90's, and an open letter to the world.

This Week In Web - 3.7.14

This week - Apple's CarPlay contingency plan, getting away with Getty, and terrorists of the web.

This Week In Web - 2.28.14

This week - Coca Cola cries over spilled profits, Twitter shows its hand with new cards, and justification of my life's work.

This Week In Web - 2.21.14

This week: Hedge funds get into the ad game, Facebook set on $19B shopping spree, and Upworthy's social fail whale.

This Week In Web - 2.14.14

This week - Michael Kors lets you nanny-cam Fashion Week, a user interface library, and some last minute Valentine's Day ideas.

This Week In Web - 2.7.14

This week - Facebook Paper hates your cartilage, free design prototyping, and Science FTW.

This Week In Web - 1.31.14

This week - Social media may undercut Putin's agenda for Winter Olympics, fluffy marketing propoganda, and a 90's winter flashback.

This Week In Web - 1.24.14

This week - Net Neutrality, Agile Project Management, 30 Years of Mac, and a long series of face melting cuteness.