Nick is the managing director and co-founder of Inovāt. He is a riddle wrapped in an enigma, dressed in flannel. Describing what he is like is like trying to describe color to a blind man, so what better way to tell you about Nick than straight from the horse’s mouth?

“I was born on a cold and stormy Tuesday morning in September. My family upbringing was modest and my parents were both from Pennsylvania. They were neither wealthy nor well known. During my earlier years I had a thirst for knowledge and worked very hard to excel at my studies. When I wasn’t studying I apprenticed in my dad’s woodshop and over the years I grew a passion for building things from scratch. I was always challenged to think on my own and figure things out. I believe this is what drove me to what I love to do today.

I always had a good sense of humor, was depreciating about my looks, and most of the time I kept to myself. In my early twenties I met my beautiful wife and 10 years later we had our 1st child. To this day I love what I do and I really don’t consider it work but a passion.”

Nick Weaver
Process: Development

This is the fourth segment of a five-part series that will take you through a detailed look into how our process works.

A Little Pat On Our Back

We don't usually brag about our work, but every once in awhile it doesn't hurt.