Ryan is the evil mastermind behind the Inovāt development team. A self educated man, he jokes that he has Masters-level C.S. knowledge from the University of Barnes & Noble. It is this self-starter attitude that makes him a perfect fit on our team. He knows more programming languages than the average person has fingers on both hands (polydactyly not included), and is an open source contributor to CakePHP, Laravel, Lithium, and NodeJS.

When he isn’t plotting to take over the world, Ryan can usually be found scribbling furiously into a notebook he keeps of invention ideas and math proofs while wearing his MacDonald family plaid kilt. His scientific musings are often assisted by his cat Schrödinger (his wife does not participate).

Ryan Peterson
Big Data for Small Business

The Big Data buzzword has been humming away for a while now and more and more businesses are wondering what it's about and if they should even bother with it.

The Great Review

Stop the implementation monkeys before they get you and your little dog, too.