If Project Management was Likened to a Sea Creature

  •   Aly Keen

By Aly Keen

A new and beautiful project management tool makes us more like the cephalopod we always dreamed of being

Here at Inovāt some of us have a mild obsession with marine life. We often stream the live feed from the Blacktip Reef tank at the National Aquarium. Perhaps this is what inspired me to think that if my profession could be represented by a sea creature, it would definitely be some type of cephalopod. In particular, probably an octopus. As a project manager, having the ability to do multiple things at once and shift gears at any given time are essential skills. If I had eight tentacles and could change colors, I feel I could conquer the world. 

But, back to reality. The key to good project management is communication; it's as simple as that. The hardest part is figuring out a system of communication that works for your team. What we've found is that there's always room for improvement to your process. Our latest internal initiative here at Inovāt involves a web-based tool called Team Gantt. As a project manager, this tool has earned two thumbs up from me. And guess what? If you use Basecamp, these two can sync with each other on a project-basis and your project management arsenal of tools becomes that much greater

Team Gannt for Project Management
photo credit: TeamGantt.com

If you're considering a tool that works at a high-level, visual overview standpoint, Team Gantt could work for you. Although, be advised that it's not a tool for all team members to use and may not offer enough project-specific details for some individuals on your team. It's best used for evaluating timelines, employee workload and setting up phases and milestones for project deliverables. Although there is a comments feature (which pulls in Basecamp comments) it's up to you, the project manager, to make sure the tiniest tasks are not overlooked by your team. I encourage you to check it out for yourself. They offer a 30-day free trial and have tons of helpful tutorial videos. 

Now, to hopefully inspire a marine life fascination at your workplace, check out this octopus video from National Geographic and let us know if you think another creature is more fitting for project management.