Process: Development

  •   Nick Weaver

By Nick Weaver

This is the fourth segment of a five-part series that will take you through a detailed look into how our process works.

It's been said we are technology agnostic. That is to say, no two clients have the exact same needs or challenges, so why would we use the exact same technology?

Do it right the first time

We prioritize well-documented and structured code that any future competent developer can easily adopt and build upon. We do this because we know what it's like to pick up where someone else left off and while we don't want our clients to do that, we realize the importance of "paying-it-forward".

Test and test again

We also employ ongoing quality assessments throughout the process, not just at the project’s completion. This includes a wide array of browser testing across a multitude of mobile devices and various operating systems.

The right technology

We are not a WordPress shop. We are not a Magento shop. We are not a custom development shop. We are not a Shopify shop. We don't just do native iOS apps.

I've listed out all the things we are not, because we don't just pigeonhole ourselves into one technology. We've used all of those technologies I mentioned above and many more, but we won't confine ourselves or our clients to say that's all they will ever need.

We use the most appropriate technology to solve the problem. One size does not fit all, and the solutions we implement are customized to our clients’ needs.


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