Process: Research & Strategy

  •   Doug Logan

By Doug Logan

This is the second of a five-part series that will take you through a detailed look into how our process works.

The most important part of every project, the Research & Strategy we do at the beginning, sets the direction for the rest of the project. This crucial first step helps us get to know our clients better, understand their challenges and determine the goals for the project.  


No two clients are alike and each client comes with their own unique challenges. Because of this we use a variety of different methods to gather data and insights on each project we take on. While we are constantly creating new methods, the majority of them focus on six areas: Stakeholders, Market, Competition, Brand, Marketing & Sales.

  • Stakeholder Research. This step typically involves a workshop where we interview the stakeholders, go through some exercises, and discuss the challenges they are facing. We also use this time to get a good understanding of their business, because we can never know a client's business like the client does.

  • Market Research. Conducting market research allows to visualize our client's primary and secondary audiences. It's important for us to understand what people are looking for when they are looking for the products or services our client is offering. This step usually involves interviewing past and current customers, surveying prospective customers, gathering and reviewing industry reports, and analyzing our client's web analytics to see how their customers are interacting with them.

  • Competitor Research. Knowing your competition and how they approach similar challenges as our clients is helpful in positioning our clients for success. We take a look at each competitor and analyze their positioning, messaging, content, conversion tactics, and their marketing & advertising strategies.

  • Brand Audit. No one tells a story exactly the same way. Brands have the same problem. That's why we collect all the elements that make up a client's brand and analyze it to see what story it tells and more importantly, if it tells the same story.

  • Marketing Audit. Everything from print advertising, email campaigns, social media to paid & organic search gets reviewed and scrutinized. We look into the strategies and the effectiveness of all the tactics to see how well they are performing.

  • Sales Audit. For a lot of our clients we are responsible for driving new ledes and ultimately new business. But to be really effective in this, we need to fully understand the sales process so we can make sure to deliver the best ledes. After we have gone through the process of gathering and reviewing all the data, it is time for us to finalize our findings into a report to share with the client.

The Report.

The culmination of all our work, the Research & Strategy report serves as guideline for everything we are setting out to build. It includes all our findings, sources, and insights and usually weighs in at around fifty to even a hundred pages, or as one of our clients put it "let me put down War & Peace and give this a read..."


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