QuickBooks for Mac Review

  •   Nick Weaver

By Nick Weaver

I wanted to make the leap from PC to Mac, but will corporate mommy say no?

A few months ago I came to a cross road in my life and was getting ready to make the leap from the "fabulous" pc world to becoming a proud parent of my first iMac. With the day drawing near and being too excited for words I decided I better make sure my accounting software of choice “Quickbooks” would function properly when I make the switch. You might be asking yourself now why check (or even double-check like I do) because in today’s world software should just work the same if you’re on a PC or a Mac.  

You would think this wouldn't be a problem but it’s a good thing I checked. Apparently Quickbooks for Mac is so far behind its time that I might as well just use a pencil, paper, and one of those abacus thing-a-ma-jigs. In doing some basic research I came across this questionnaire on Quickbooks' site that cemented my destiny in life.

"Why stick with Windows?"

QuickBooks for Windows and QuickBooks for Mac offer the same basic set of financial management tools, but have some differences too. Depending on which versions of QuickBooks you compare, the differences can be significant.

The list below includes some of the key differences. If you answer "yes" to any of the questions below, you should continue to use QuickBooks for Windows.

  1. Do you need to create an accountant's copy?
  2. Do you currently use QuickBooks Payroll (such as Basic, Enhanced, or Assisted)?
  3. Do you use other applications that integrate with QuickBooks?
  4. Do you use QuickBooks for online bill pay or funds transfer?
  5. Do you use advanced inventory functionality such as inventory assemblies or units of measure?
  6. Do you need to set different prices for the same item?
  7. Do you need to support multiple currencies at the same time?
  8. Do you use QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise Solutions?


Really, Quickbooks?

This is embarrassing. How about instead of spending time generating this stupid questionnaire your get off your lazy butts and actually update the mac version so that it’s as functional as your pc version?  I know this is a rant and in the large scale of being "Big Bad Intuit" this wouldn't mean a thing, but Quickbooks let me down big time. I know they don’t care about little ol’ me because in their ocean of customers I’m just one of millions that they know will complain for a short while but in the long term will continue to use their software. I guess I won’t be taking that leap and will still and always be the “uncool” guy in the office stuck on a pc. </end rant>

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