This Week In Web - 1.24.14

  •   Miki Pacifico

By Miki Pacifico

This week - Net Neutrality, Agile Project Management, 30 Years of Mac, and a long series of face melting cuteness.


Stephen Colbert on Net Neutrality Ruling

You might not be fully familiar with what "net neutrality" means, or how it affects your life. Allow Stephen Colbert to explain how, yet again, the US government forgot to protect your rights and your ISP is going to screw you royally. Just remember to press 0# to speak to a live representative.


30 Years of Mac - Apple's Big Anniversary

As of this week it has been 30 years since Steve Jobs introduced the first Mac in a bold attempt to take down IBM as a ledeing manufacturer of personal computers. Likening this innovation as the opposite of the dystopian, yet sterile, existance of Orwell's 1984, Jobs was convinced it would bring personal computing to the forefront of technological advancements while still being affordable to the average consumer. Apparently he was right. Apple still holds major market share in both the personal computing and mobile computing industries while showing no signs of slowing down, despite Job's death in 2011. As an Apple product connosieur, I must say... That hair, Steve. Fabulous.


Agile Project Management Lessons Learned from Texas Holdem | Inovāt - a Small & Mighty Digital Agency

Agile Project Management Lessons Learned From Texas Holdem

As far as metaphors go, this one is right up there with "serious as a heart attack". It should really be more popular. Here is a breakdown of project management as seen through the eyes of a degenerate gambler. I kid! I am sure David Tabler of is a decent man who pays taxes and everything. He just has some borderline gems to share about the parallels between a Vegas favorite and software projects.


@mommasgonecity via Instagram | Inovāt - a Small & Mighty Digital Agency

via @mommasgonecity

Seriously, this.

Go to Instagram right now. Do a search for #theoandbeau. Prepare for full face meltdown. The only way this could be cuter is if there was maybe a fluffy-tailed baby squirrel snuggling in on this mix. How does one continue to live in this grimey world, day after day, when there is this. Babies and puppies. Napping together. #canttakeit #facemelting #death.