This Week In Web - 1.31.14

  •   Miki Pacifico

By Miki Pacifico

This week - Social media may undercut Putin's agenda for Winter Olympics, fluffy marketing propoganda, and a 90's flashback.

Will social media foil Putin's grand Winter Olympics plan?

Despite continued controversy regarding Russia's policies towards homosexuality, including police action against both homosexuals and those who support homosexual values, rights, and displays of affection, the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics are set to move forward. Many believe that President Putin, who selected Sochi as the Olympic location because it is his favorite vacation destination, will run the Olympic events with tight security for its international attendees. Will social media undercut Russia's ability to screen out support for homosexual athletes?


There Is No More B2B or B2C: There Is Only Human to Human (H2H)

The nice part about this weekly spot is that I don't have to agree with all the content that I provide. In my personal opinion, this article is a bit of fluff intended to fool its readers into thinking that this marketer has a cutting edge view of a business marketplace. His "we are all humans, peace and love, man" approach is a cream puff propoganda piece, and I think it is garbage. B2B and B2C marketing exists for one very good, and still completely valid, reason - because marketing to someone who is consuming products and services for their own personal use requires a completely different message than to someone consuming products or services for a business, whether it's their own or on behalf of a larger entity. Yes, humans work at businesses, but their motivations shift when additional stakeholders are added to the mix. Follow the link (if you feel you must) to read through his article.


Kind of makes me want to do this:

Seinfeld .Gif | Inovāt - a Small and Mighty Digital Agency

BOOM! Take that, polar vortex. Ultra, super 90's winter flashback!