This Week In Web - 10.03.14

  •   Miki Pacifico

By Miki Pacifico

This week - Messing with iOS8 QuickType and CapitalOne buys a design firm

Just For A Laugh

If you are one of the millions of iPhone users that updated to iOS 8, you’ve probably noticed that your text message app has a couple new features. One of the latest updates to our voiceless communication is a predictive text option called QuickType, allowing you to select from pre-written words to make getting your message across just a little bit faster. You may also have noticed that unless you don’t care about the person you are texting, this feature is not helpful in the slightest. 

In an effort to really test the boundaries of the QuickType feature, Sean O’Kane of The Verge attempted something both literary and noble. He typed out the beginning words of some very famous quotes into his text message app and then used QuickType to finish the sentence. Some of the results are hilarious and hilariously bad. 

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“Lucy in the sky with my mom is the best” is definitely a winner.


CapitalOne Wants to Design Your Website

Okay, CapitalOne may not want to design your website for you, but they certainly want to purchase a company that can consult on it. Adaptive Path, a UX consultancy based in San Francisco, has been acquired by CapitalOne in one of the strangest corporate mergers in 2014. 

Co-founder Jesse James Garrett said CapitalOne made a good fit because of similar corporate cultures and shared values, and that nothing in the structure of Adaptive Path will be changing. In his announcement Garrett claimed that many businesses were interested in purchasing, but would have culled away valuable elements of their service process, which rubbed Garrett the wrong way. CapitalOne, it seemed, wanted the whole enchilada. 

What does this mean for Adaptive Path’s business model? Simply more funding. The office remains in place, the employees will be the same, and their service offerings will not change. Things will just get bigger and better with the backing of a creatively collaborative financial institution that no one would assume to be a fit. 


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