This Week In Web - 10.10.14

  •   Miki Pacifico

By Miki Pacifico

This week - Drones, sports branding, and coffee apps.

Hawk vs. Drone

We here at Inovāt recently had the pleasure of watching a third party enjoy the heck out of flying a drone equipped with a GoPro camera. There really is no fun in drone filming unless you are the guy holding the remote control, but you can’t deny how stinkin’ cool that footage turns out.

Recently a software developer and YouTube filmmaker Christopher Schmidt took his Phantom FC40 out to Magazine Beach Park in Cambridge, Massachusetts to take a look at the world below. What he didn't anticipate was an attack from above.

A large hawk, clearly seen circling near the drone high up in the sky, made a dive for the camera and it went plummeting to the ground. Luckily, Schmidt saw the events unfold and was able to make a safe(r) landing, with the drone and attached camera coming out unscathed. The hawk made off like a bandit as well, happy with its patrolling of the skies. Hawk 1, Drone 0.

Athlete Elite

In less surprising news, Tiger Woods has slipped one rank behind Lebron James on Forbes’ list of Top Ten Most Valuable Athlete Brands. The most cited reason for Woods’ slip is the end of his longstanding relationship with EA Games. But don't cry for Tiger, he is still worth $36 million, despite that value dropping $10M since 2013. He can mop up his own tears with hundred dollar bills and the dreams of poor people everywhere.

Quick Cup o' Joe

Never stand behind that overly perfumed, indecisive lady at Starbucks ever again. Well, at least maybe someday. Square, the mobile payment technology company, has produced an app that allows you to order your coffee ahead of time and will transmit your approximate arrival time (based on GPS) to the barista so your coffee is hot and ready when you get there. 

If you are a serial drive-thru user, this is the app for you. If you simply stand in line at the coffee shop for five minutes, this will probably not affect your life that much. Currently this app has limited availability, working in a few coffee shops in NY and SF, so don’t hold your breath that your local, small town shop is going to get it anytime soon. But a girl can dream.


Header image by Neil Conway