This Week In Web - 10.31.14

  •   Miki Pacifico

By Miki Pacifico

This week - Ferrari is going solo, bear selfies, and HTML status complete

Happy Halloween, friends! The creepiest of holidays is upon us, which means that stores are already filling up with Christmas goodies to irritate me and my grumpy husbeast for the next 60 days. 

If you are one of the many that gets their Christmas shopping done early, luxury car manufacturer Ferrari may have something for the financially solvent gearhead in your life. Fiat Chrysler is set to sell Ferrari, who was under the Fiat umbrella since 1969, and with this split comes the ability to purchase shares of Ferrari stock

90% of stocks will go to existing Fiat Chrysler shareholders with the remaining 10% made available to the market. Start nagging your investment advisor now to get you in a good position for when those become available (and, obviously, start saving your pennies 'cause anything Ferrari does doesn't come cheap). 


In a less sophisticated piece of news, the US Forest Service has asked that erstwhile camp goers and hikers refrain from taking selfies with bears at national parks (or, really, anywhere). The fact that we have to warn of the potential dangers of coming anywhere near a bear in the wild doesn't speak well for the nation, but we applaud their thrifty and patriotic choices in recreation. 

To date, no bear attacks have been reported during the act of said selfie taking (which is almost a disappointment), but park rangers are preemptively suggesting that perhaps Smokey wouldn’t take so kindly to his picture being taken. He is friends with the Native Americans, after all. 


And, for those of you code nerds out there, W3C has published the final version of HTML5, putting to end the idea that the standard was still in flux. Updates to features and ongoing changes have been in the works for years, but that has all come to an end. Moving forward, any updates to the standard will fall under HTML5.1, which will come out as early as next year.