This Week In Web - 2.14.14

  •   Miki Pacifico

By Miki Pacifico

This week - Michael Kors lets you nanny-cam Fashion Week, a user interface library, and some last minute Valentine's Day ideas.

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Michael Kors provides live footage of Fashion Week 

US-based apparel brand Michael Kors says it will continue to provide behind-the-scenes footage of their submission to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, including backstage during model preparations. The goal of this endeavor is to immerse fans in the Fashion Week experience and to build brand loyalty. Click through to read more about their guerilla marketing tactics. 

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New user interface library provides showcase for UI work

Looking for inspiration to help pull UI work kicking and screaming out of your brain? User Interface library is "a growing library of transitional interface and interaction design patterns to help you inspire and communicate your UI ideas with people". This site is intended as a UI/UX designer's version of Tumblr, where popular designs can be reblogged and designers can comment on others' workClick through, take a look around, and try not to have a seizure. 

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29 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

If you are anything like me, you probably came into this week with the understanding that this year there would be no gifts exchanged on Valentine's Day. You and your significant other had an arrangement. And, just like me, you probably woke up this morning to a bag of candy, a card, and a cute thoughtful Valentine's Day gift from your significant other despite said arrangement (AGAIN, like he does every year - I never learn...). So now, you get to scrounge around the mall and your local Walgreen's for something remotely acceptable to give someone on the least romantic day of the year. Seriously, I find President's Day to be more romantic. Anyway, if you need a guiding hand and have a couple hours to kill, check out these last-minute gift ideas. And for goodness sake, buy next year's gift on Amazon right now, and put it away. Set up an alert on your phone for February 13th, 2015 telling you where you hid it. You'll thank me for that gem later.