This Week In Web - 3.21.14

  •   Miki Pacifico

By Miki Pacifico

This week - Mobile outpaces TV, Google pulls its SERPs out of the 90's, and an open letter to the world.

mobile overtakes television

New Study Puts Smart Phone Screens First

A recently released Millward Brown study claims people worldwide are now spending more time on their smart phone than in front of the televisions. This is the first time an electronic device has overtaken television since its rise in popularity in the late 1930’s. On average, smart phone users spend 151 minutes per day in front of their cell phone screen, and only an average of 147 minutes per day in front of their television screen.

There is also a prevalence of simultaneous multi-screen usage, such as playing or researching on a smart phone while watching TV. Personally, I am guilty of what they call “stacking” – using my phone for activities unrelated to the content playing on the television – as opposed by “meshing”, which involves searching content relevant to the television program playing.

This data raises concerns over the lack of correlating data in mobile advertising on smart phones, especially in the US. Data for advertising metrics has seen some improvement in Asia and the Pacific Islands, where smart phone users are much more likely to click through an ad. I think any digital marketer can attest that running a PPC campaign open to users in Asia will garner you a plethora of clicks, whether or not they are worth the money you spend on them remains to be seen.


Google depricates underline

Google Removes Underlined Links

Any time Google updates their aesthetics, the digital community takes notice. Not because removing the underlines from links on the SERPs is significant in itself, but mostly because Google almost never changes anything (most especially stuff that matters). If you are the type who takes to heart the total annihilation of 90’s style web design, then you will appreciate this, as it is the final change steering away from the original Google design aesthetic.


America Party

American Themed Parties Around the World

This is a Public Service Announcement slash Open Letter to the American-Themed Partiers around the world. First, I would like to apologize on behalf of the numerous Americans who throw French, Russian, Chinese, Mexican, etc. (you get the idea) parties. You probably feel about as stereotyped and misunderstood as I do right about now. Secondly, I just want to say that young Americans purchase red Solo® cups for one simple reason; they are cheap. And they aren’t always red. Sometimes they are blue. But mostly they are red. We get it. We like our tailgates and beer pong.

Also, while I understand the whole hamburger thing (despite it having been invented in Germany), I don’t understand this stereotype of Americans loving popcorn. Maybe before the turn of the century? Popcorn was invented in Peru, and only became popular in the US during the Great Depression because it cost so little to make. That is like saying Chinese people love poptarts. Maybe SOME like poptarts, but lets not make this a cultural cliché, okay? Nobody wants to be known as the band of idiots that always have kernels stuck in their teeth and to the roof of their mouths.  If you really want to throw an authentic American-themed party, bring in an over-the-top amount of food and liquor, then tell all your guests they must complete one ridiculously impossible challenge for a chance to win $1M. Americans will do anything for a chance to win $1M.