This Week In Web - 3.28.14

  •   Doug Logan

By Doug Logan

This week - Who's who amongst designers, the future of the mind, and stormtroopers are still pretty awesome.

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Fast company is running the March Madness of the design industry.

Fast Company is running the who's who of the (living) design industry. They are bracketing off designers in four divisions, graphic, interactive, product and architecture. So far readers have cast almost 85,000 votes and it's down to the final two, Massimo Vignelli vs Dieter Rams. This is so exciting maybe AMC will spin off a reality TV show hosted by Gordon Ramsay next. 


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Dr. Michio Kaku

You can relax, there is a place in the future for your mind.

Every day science fiction gets a little bit closer to reality. This article takes a look at Dr. Michio Kaku's work in the area of understanding the human brain. Why? He thinks (pun intended) that by gaining a complete understanding of both our physical existence (DNA) and our mental map (minds) that we will one day be able to enjoy things like Body-Machine Interfaces (think Avatar). 

But probably the most interesting concepts by Dr. Kaku, is the possibility that the human brain may one day be able to be accessed like that of a hard drive. Think about being able to backup and transfer your memories to another human being. Excuse me as I go update my will...


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Going to the dog park

Stormtroopers, much like the 80's, are still freaking cool.

There's not much to say about this last article, because it's just too good for words. So check it this neat article with 36 photos of stormtroopers doing awesome things and may the force be with you this weekend.


Main image by Yohanes Sanjaya