This Week In Web – 4.11.14

  •   Miki Pacifico

By Miki Pacifico

This week – Windows XP gets the chopping block, new apps to stalk or be stalked, and super puppy cuteness.

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Windows XP Gets the Chopping Block

If you are a Windows XP user and fan, we have some sad news to share. If you live in the 21st Century and are savvy enough to keep your operating systems up-to-date then we have some laughable news for you. Microsoft was announced that they are releasing the very last set of patches for the Windows XP operating system, and will no longer be supporting any issues that may arise. According to ars technica, 28% of web surfing browsers still run on XP, and various non-web browsing systems including ATMs and healthcare networks. The end of patching means an opportunity to exploit potential weaknesses in the system moving forward, and given the recent outbreak in internet security breaches such as Heartbleed, this could snowball into a much larger issue. What does this mean for you? Update your computer’s operating system and keep a close watch on your credit reports (and remind yourself that you should have been doing this regularly anyway).

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Cloak Helps You Stalk Your Friends

A new app has been released that allows you to physically locate friends and followers on various social media accounts to “avoid” them in real life. Cloak, a mobile-based GPS locator, is being touted as an antisocial app, however those of us with reasonable intelligence can see that this is also a stalker’s wet dream. While there are a plethora of people on my Facebook friends list I would happily cross the street or set myself on fire to avoid talking to in person, the same can not be said of the people I follow on Instagram or FourSquare, which appear to be the only social media platforms currently opted in. Luckily for my social media friends, it appears that the location information I have access to is extremely limited. I downloaded the free app and synced it with my Instagram feed knowing full well that there was one person sitting six feet from me that should have popped up. The only person who pinged my map was two states away. So it makes me wonder if they have to be logged into an iPhone, also have the app, or if you both have to be following one another. Perhaps it’s all three. I couldn’t quite figure out how it works, but my inner internet stalker was a bit disappointed. Despite being a free app, I would say for the sake of your mental health and criminal record, you should probably pass on this one. Also, keep your eyes open for ways to opt out of having your physical location given to anyone else, especially if you are a female of mild-to-moderate attractiveness (boys are stupid and it really doesnt take much) and/or a cute dude with a squeezable tush.

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AllPaws Brings the Cute Animal Spam

Here at Inovāt we are about as dog-friendly as a group can get without offering up our nights and weekends to the local shelter. Though, Doug likes pretend-scaring my pups, so that might disqualify him as a potential volunteer. Anyway, in his fervor to discover new playtime pals he stumbled across AllPaws, a search engine for adoptable pets. Now, this website format is nothing new. This could easily be compared to PetFinder or AdoptAPet, but there is just something about the sleek design of this site that screams “Adopt a new pet Boxer, Leeann!” Outside of design, one major difference in the call-to-action on AllPaws versus PetFinder is the ability to easily and quickly share the adoptable animals on a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. That means if I fall in love with a snuggly little face, I can harass my husband via multiple platforms until I have brow-beaten him into submission, thusly earning myself a new fur-baby. Interested adopters also have the ability to ask specific questions about each animal before having to go through an application process. Now, most of the animals listed on AllPaws are submitted to multiple websites by the rescues in charge of their care. Regardless of the website you use to find your perfect fur-baby, we at Inovāt encourage you to adopt and not buy your pets from a pet store or breeder.