This Week In Web - 4.25.14

  •   Doug Logan

By Doug Logan

This week - Wage theft for software engineers, don't forget the culture and some other things you might also like.

It's been an interesting week at Inovāt, with the nice weather finally kicking in and one of our own getting hitched this weekend. But between a flurry of new projects starting up we still managed to read a few things that we felt like sharing.

Wage theft is not just looking out for the little guy (anymore)

Usually when you hear the term "wage theft" thrown around in the news, it relates to the low-wage underpaid and overworked class in America. But not today.

According to an article in The New York Times, there is expected to be a settlement in the antritrust lawsuit of some 64,613 software engineers against Google, Apple, Intel and Adobe. The claim? The engineers say they lost up to $3 billion in wages on account of the companies colluding in a scheme to not solicit each other's employees. It makes one wonder who exactly Google had in mind with their informal motto of "don't-be-evil".


This photo was taken in the original apartment where Airbnb started.

Taken in the original apartment where Airbnb started.

"Don't f**k up the culture."

Pretty jarring words, but to Brian Chesky the co-founder and CEO of Airbnb, these words ring in his ears for more than just the shock value.

In a recent post on Medium, Brian talks about some of the most bizarre advice he has ever received and why it is so no important. He had just closed their Series C round of funding with Peter Theil back in 2012, and while Peter was visiting their office Brian asked him what was the single most important piece of advice he had for them...

"He replied, 'Don’t f**k up the culture.'

This wasn’t what we were expecting from someone who just gave us $150M."

Brian goes on to explain that culture "is simply a shared way of doing something with passion" and that it "is what creates the foundation for all future innovation. If you break the culture, you break the machine that creates your products."

Very strong words and I have to agree with him. We value our culture here at Inovāt and many of us see Inovāt as a second family of sorts. I have always believed that with so much time spent working, shouldn't you really enjoy what you do?


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Image from the Verge

Sleazy tabloid links are taking over the web.

I am sure you have seen them and I won't ask you if you have clicked on them (I have). As publishers are seeing less and less clicks on their advertisers banner ads they are forced to reinvent their advertising offerings.

The article goes on to explain that companies like Taboola, Outbrain and Contently are misguiding readers to advertising content in the guise of "related articles" because according to Shane Snow, vice president of content at Contently, "people [are] more likley to click on a 'related story' than a banner ad". But the author goes on to write that he feels this approach will be short lived as users have tuned out banner ads, they will learn to tune out these new advertising ploys. I tend to agree with him on that point and promise to never have such ridicilousness on our blog.

Ok that was a joke. But seriously who doesn't want to know about Miley Cyrus's butt bruises?