This Week In Web - 4.4.14

  •   Leeann Pica

By Leeann Pica

This week – April Fools, Ode to the Sony Walkman, and, surprise – Zuckerberg’s rich.

Brand New offers pricey negative reviews with a side of sarcasm

Gmail’s “Gmail Shelfie” was embarrassingly believable compared to Brand New’s (slightly) interactive April Fools joke this year. Why work hard and deserve a good review when you can pay just $499 for an “overwhelmingly positive” review no matter your works quality and success?

On the flip side, if you know your work doesn’t stand up to your competitors, jump for the pricier negative “Stock price plunge” review starting at $4,999.

Well played Brand New. We agree with you, lets all work for our good reviews.

Ode to the Sony Walkman

By the time I was 8, Discman's were the portable music players of the day. It was great, just bring along my zip up CD carrier and I was set for hours of N’Sync and B-Street Boys for my listening pleasure. The Discman’s flaw? It skipped – big time. 

As it sometimes goes, it seems it’s predecessor, the Walkman would be the winner of pre-MP3 portable music players. Released in 1979, the TPS-L2 Walkman was the first commercially available Walkman and was the beginning of a revolution in gadgetry. Without it, would there have been a Discman? An MP3 player? An iPod? Hard to say, though it is definitely just as revolutionary, if not more so than any of the latter.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg’s Base Salary Falls to $1

Following revolutionaries such as Steve Jobs, Larry Page and Sergery Brin, Zuckerberg chose to take on the symbolic annual salary of $1 in 2013. A whole $503,204 less than his base salary in 2012.

I guess it’s the thing to do when you are the 22 richest person in the world (as ranked by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index). Go figure.