This Week In Web - 6.13.14

  •   Miki Pacifico

By Miki Pacifico

This week - opt-out of everything, electric cars, and boob data.

You know what happens a lot? White people naming their daughter Sophia. You know what DOESN’T happen a lot? A week chocked to the brim full of awesomely interesting news related to the web and technology. So, in the prophetic words of Samuel L. Jackson, “hold onto your butts” cause we have a lot of cool things to get through.

Opt out of Online Behavioral Advertising 

Facebook is constantly finding new and interesting ways to take your information and force feed it back to you baby-bird-style in the form of ads. If you would like to stop Facebook’s creepy upchuck (as well as that of many other advertisers who are collecting your information as we speak), check out this link. This is a broad-scope opt-out service that lets you, well, opt-out of your pixels being tracked for interest-based advertisements. 

Ever googled a mystery ailment only to see an ad for the medicated cream to treat it in your gmail inbox? What?! No, me either! But hypothetically speaking that would not happen after you finish opting out of every advertiser on the internet. I was shocked at the number (over 100) that were currently tracking my interests.

Tesla opens patents to the public 

Ever spent a moment wondering why we made it to 2014 but there are still no hover-cars? Ok, I don’t really either, and am grateful that I don’t dress like Judy Jetson, but I DO wish that as a nation we were less dependent on fossil-fuels. It costs approximately $50 to fill my gas tank every week, and that number is about 2.5 times higher than what it cost when I first learned to drive 12 years ago. I’m not that old, and that’s not a long enough period of time to (reasonably) see such a jump in the cost of gasoline. 

Tesla Model S sedans at the Harris Ranch supercharging station on Interstate 5. (Jerry Hirsch / Los Angeles Times)

Tesla Model S sedans at the Harris Ranch supercharging station on Interstate 5. (Jerry Hirsch / Los Angeles Times)

Part of the issue with emerging technologies that would reduce our gas-guzzling ways is the lack of widespread use of said technologies. To respond to this issue, Tesla motors Chief Executive Elon Musk has released the patents to certain elements of the Tesla vehicle’s construction to the general public. Musk implied that sharing Tesla’s innovations could lede to mass expansion of the industry as a whole. Not all elements of the Tesla vehicle line have been shared publicly, leaving just enough confidential information to keep the brand competitive. 

Collecting Boob Data 

An e-commerce lingerie manufacturer, True&Co., has surveyed and collected the data of millions of women to ascertain exactly how the common bra is failing us. The response to that data collection has been the manufacturing of bras for a full spectrum of breast shapes and types. 

Now, if you are an unenlightened single male, you can probably skip this paragraph without your world changing one iota. For those of you men who A) have a wife/girlfriend who has breasts (hopefully one or more) or B) like boobs in a non-bro-douche kind of way, continue on. This is an amazing development for boob-kind everywhere. 

After a comprehensive survey on the website asking questions about breast distribution (low, side, center, etc) and what your struggles are with your current set of bras (saggy straps, pinching underwires, stretched out elastic), and your measurements, you are categorized on what they call their True Spectrum. I, gentlemen, am what you would call a Chartreuse. I have shallow breasts and they are distributed to the center/sides. Sounds creepy right? Well, tell my 11-yo self. Thats when they stopped growing. Based on my observations, I believe Doug is a Vermillion. 

Anyway, let me tell you that purchasing a bra online from Victoria Secret or similar lingerie retailers is an act in futility unless you have perfectly round, evenly distributed 34C cups. Obviously, I do not, which is why I am super excited to try their free at-home try on service, much like Warby Parker’s. I will then see for myself whether I truly am a Chartreuse or perhaps adjust it to more of an Azure. 

Top Bloggers Earn Over $1M 

Just a quick note on this. I really need to step up my blogging game. And maybe also get a spray tan. 

Instagramming Like a Teenager

Last but not least, I did want to touch on this article. Caroline Moss from Business Insider ran an experiment with her Instagram account in which she “Instagrammed like a teenager”. What the heck does that entail? Well, she hashtagged the bejesus out of every picture including highly used tags such as #follow4follow in an effort to gain new followers (obvs). 

insta like a teen

Here’s why this is just wrong - Teenagers have absolutely no perspective on the world. Teens on Instagram use the platform to gain more followers in an attempt to validate themselves through high numbers. As adults we can tell you that it doesn't matter how many people like your photo if you are sitting in your mom’s house alone in a pair of sweatpants dancing to Turn Down For What. You are still a sad human being. 

Did Caroline end up with more Instagram followers? Some, but her photo tagging habits became so annoying that any bump she saw in follower numbers was short-lived as new and old friends and followers un-followed out of irritation. Moral of the story: Teenagers are the worst.

Header Photo by Maurizio Pesce