This Week In Web - 6.27.14

  •   Miki Pacifico

By Miki Pacifico

This week - Google Keynote, protests, and mobile takeover.

Want to know what Google is up to? Chomping at the bit to learn more about the newest developments for Android and Google Play? You should probably keep that #nerdlove in check, but you are in luck my bespectacled, v-neck wearing, fixed-speed riding friend. Google Keynote is now available for you to watch

Google IO Screenshot

On a related note - While fully acknowledging that the Bay Area, and San Francisco specifically, are full of tree-huggin' hippies, I can’t help but be completely not surprised that not one but two separate protests happened during the 2014 Google I/O

The protests appear to be unrelated to one another, one outburst was related to Jack Halprin’s eviction (he's a Google attorney) of 6 tenants in his Mission District building, the other accusing Google employees of working for a “totalitarian company” that builds killer machines. 

I think this speaks to how completely rude, polarized, and inconsiderate our culture has become. Oh you have an important announcement that you plan to make at this exclusive and expensive conference? Let me just interrupt you with an incoherent message about killer robots or housing evictions that have absolutely nothing to do with your announcements. To their credit, the speakers during both protests didn’t let it stop them from continuing to drop tech news bombs. Google made no direct comment about the protests but did release the following statement:

“Thousands of Googlers call the Bay Area home, and we want to be good neighbors. Since 2011 we've given more than $70 million to local projects and employees have volunteered thousands of hours in the community. We're excited to be expanding that work in 2014 with the recent Bay Area Impact Challenge winners--several of them have even joined us at I/O.”

So, uh, put that in your hippie pipe and smoke it, protester (they probably did).

Hey you, on that mobile device. You're outpacing desktop users. Good job.

PC Magazine is reporting that research done by comScore shows smartphone and tablet usage is now exceeding desktop in total digital media time spent in May. These results come as no real surprise, since there is a 60% chance you are reading this article on your smartphone or tablet. With our lives so on-the-go, its simply easier to socialize, update, research, schedule, and do one thousand and one other things from our mobile devices. 

We here at Inovāt are seeing similar data in our client’s accounts. A minor amount of digging into Google Analytics provides a wealth of data about mobile device usage over the last four years for one client in particular. 

mobile devices outpacing desktop usage

In the example above you can see that the percentage of paid search traffic from mobile has more than tripled in the last four years. What does this mean for you? Well, if you own a website you need to seriously consider a design with a mobile first approach. 

What’s mobile first? Its a philosophy that provides for designing with the smallest screen (like a mobile phone) in mind before expanding your responsive design to larger formats (like desktop). Trust us when we tell you that trying to reverse engineer that process is no picnic, and you don’t want to be the last website in your industry to go mobile-friendly. This mobile first philosophy applies to all industries too (the example client is in home improvement, so you don’t have to sell something exciting to require a mobile-friendly website). 

If you are an agency, we commiserate with you. It’s not easy selling businesses on a mobile first approach, since it tends to take a little bit longer, making that retainer amount look a bit steeper. The selling point to all this is the amount of money that they save by doing it all at once instead of attempting to hack a standard existing site into a responsive one or creating a completely separate m-dot site. And now that I have completely gone over to the dark side and am advocating for mobile first, I think Josh owes me a high five

Though this is the more likely scenario...

Tina Fey high five gif