This Week In Web - 6.6.14

  •   Miki Pacifico

By Miki Pacifico

This week - web of the future, marketing to the childless, and text message breakups.

What Comes Next is the Future

Check out this kickstarted campaign, created by the people that work on the web each and every day, to fund the creation of a documentary about the future of web. This project by Matt Griffin, founder of Bearded, includes an intro video describing the project. 

It has already exceeded its funding goal, but don’t let that deter you from learning more. This documentary is going to be packed full of interviews with experts from all over the web industry, from Dribble to Twitter. Have a fanboy crush on some of the producers of this documentary? Donate $250 or more to get one-on-one guidance and face time with some of the biggest names in web. 


Marketing to Women Without Children

As a married woman with no children I can tell you that people, especially relatives, have a never-ending stream of questions regarding the timing and philosophy behind your planned offspring, whether you plan on having them or not. It can get incredibly annoying, being pushed under this cultural umbrella that mothers are the be-all, end-all of women. 

This video-slash-infographic, which made my ovaries sing with joy, shows us that despite the cultural prevalence of mothers in advertising, women without children are actually the money-makers for both their households and businesses across the globe in a number of different industries. Check it out and prepare to have your mind blown. 


How to Win at Internet by Being a Complete Jerk

Now, I have been at both ends of the passive-aggressive ex-hate, both giving and receiving the vitriol that comes with breaking up when one or the other party has done something completely out of line. That being said, I actually wish this kid wasn’t getting the attention he is for so cleverly using internet memes to deter the advances of his adulterous ex-girlfriend.

Said young man (who, from his Twitter profile comes across as quite a douche) posted a long string of text messages between him and his ex where he responds to each of her advances with a meme letting her know (in cleverly internet-ed terms) that that ship has sailed and thusly sank to the depths. 

Maybe I just hate passive-aggression. If he really wanted her to leave him alone he could have just told her to take a hike and stopped answering her messages like any normal person would do. Guess it would have been less funny that way. And he wouldn't have gained thousands of followers had he just done the right thing and made a clean break. Luckily for my conscience, this kids fame will dwindle by next week when those followers realize he isn’t actually funny, he is just some ass-hat who no longer has a girlfriend. God bless the internet.