This Week in Web - 8.29.14

  •   Miki Pacifico

By Miki Pacifico

This week - Amazon to push advertising, Twitter Analytics for all, and a Hershey’s rebrand.

Amazon Advertising Ahead

Rumors are swirling that has an advertising platform in the works to rival that of Google Adwords. If you are familiar with the digital marketing industry then you probably know that you can advertise on Amazon currently through product listing ads either as a native listing on the shopping platform itself or as “Product Ads from External Websites”. These PLAs are notoriously difficult to set up if you aren’t familiar with some level of code, by the way. This will not only make it easier for businesses to set up advertising campaigns, but is also another key move for Amazon’s ever expanding bottom line. 

As one of the future potential users of this rumored interface, I just hope that the dashboard and reporting are more user-friendly than the Amazon PLAs. Pretty sure smashing a finger in a car door was more exciting and useful.

More Data For Everyone!

Twitter announced on Wednesday that its internal reporting dashboard, Twitter Analytics, previously available to business accounts is now available for all people. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, every teenager with thoughts that spill out of them 140 characters at a time can now analyze the demographic information associated with their followers. 

From my own personal Twitter, which you can see I care very little about.

Translation, this is completely useless to the average Twitter user and it's just a press release in a long pile of Twitter press releases. So unless you, like me, are a data-hungry #supernerd with a never-ending need to view the statistics associated with everything you do (full disclosure, I calculate the average CPU of each shoe purchase), you have no need for Twitter Analytics. 

A Few Fun Finds

If you are a #designnerd instead of the super version, you will probably enjoy reading this review of the new logo and identity for The Hershey Company (conveniently located a mere 12 miles from our offices here at Inovāt). 

Hershey Logo Rebrand

If you also enjoy torturing your pets with photo and video while simultaneously harnessing them into something, then you may also appreciate the fact that GoPro is launching a new dog harness called Fetch. Fetch allows for mounting of a GoPro camera either to the chest or back of your dog. Now you can really know what your pup is up to all day (warning: probably involves a lot of crotch shots). 


And for those #applenerds out there who are speculating heavily on the potentially to-be-announced iPhone 6, you can now purchase speculative iPhone 6 covers on Amazon. Nevermind the fact that we don't know for sure what size it will be or if any of the buttons will have moved. And when you’re done ordering your case, I have a beachfront property in Arizona to sell you.