Treat Yourself. You Deserve It.

  •   Krista Myers

By Krista Myers

How do you survive in this fast-paced world? Give yourself a break.

There is more to agency work than just arriving around 9am each day, brewing some organic green tea (or coffee for those of you who prefer musty breath), and plopping down in front of a screen for 8 hours. There are perks: puppies in the office, meals provided by the company, board games, Nerf guns, and even the occasional celebratory round of shots.


Don’t get me wrong, we work like dogs. We just happen to take our playtime very seriously. With the open office design and demanding deadlines, each of us would simultaneously explode (and implode) by a certain point during the day if it wasn’t for our recess time. Especially for creative people, spending time away from a desk does wonders for our motivation, not to mention helping us to regain focus.

If you and your team are suffering from a lack of workplace merriment, we recommend the following additions to your regular routine:  


Gimme a Break

“Feel free to take breaks every so often. Staring at data all day isn’t exactly exciting.” - Miki

Aside from the obvious issue that sitting all day compresses your spine, getting away from your desk every hour or so provides you with a mini recharge. Staring at a screen all day is extremely hard on your eyes and your brain. Take a break from technology for a few moments throughout the workday. Your body will thank you.

If you’re really lucky, your boss encourages you to walk, run, or practice yoga over your lunch break.



You Got Jokes

“Everyone in this office is in a mood today.” - Eric

It’s true, we feed off of each other. After working side-by-side with someone for a few months or even years, they become somewhat of a family member. When a few of us are in a snarky mood, the rest typically join in the camaraderie. Personally, I’m not sure I could get through the day if there wasn’t some type of joke cracked at least once per hour.

While our open concept layout lends itself to common office-wide conversations, a good bit of our tomfoolery appears in the messaging app Slack. We’ve tried various chat platforms, but this one just feels right. Not only can it integrate with practically any hip service, but it can generate random animated gifs (via Giphy) from keywords we type. We suggest a #general channel for all your distraction needs.


Get to Know Ya

“ENTJ is the new douchebag.” - Doug 

“I got ENTJ too…” - Miki

“I’m taking the test over.” - Doug

Last year, we participated in our own little sociology exercise by taking personality tests via While wisecracks ensued due to the caricatures depicting our personality types - such as my striking resemblance to the INFP flower child - we were able to grasp a deeper understanding of how each of us thinks, works, and interacts with others.

Additionally, feel free to venture outside of the office to learn more about each other. We are big believers in walks to Rita’s, Friday happy hours, and warm weather field trips. Doug Logan keeps urging us to strap into giant inflatable bubbles and launch ourselves at each other...So far he’s gotten 5 laughs, 2 no’s, and 1 “THAT’D BE AWESOME!!!!” I’m talking about you, Eric Beckman. It ain’t happening.

But seriously. You never know what embarrassing stories you may hear (or create) when you’re out whooping it up with your team.